Brussel Sprouts-N-Bacon

Posted August 14, 2011 by Marisa

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  • 2-3 slices-Thick sliced Maple Bacon Or more if you want a coronary-lol
  • 1-2lbs Fresh Brussel Sprouts I have never attempted this w/frozen
  • Balsamic Vinegar


Let me begin by saying I really always hated brussel sprouts (they look like under developed mini cabbage heads and that freaks me out)-that is until I went to this little pub in Melrose called the Village Idiot. My hats off to the chef at this place-because I now LOVE them (bathed in bacon grease of course). Here is my attempt at duplicating this man’s culinary genius!

-In a sauce pan bring water to a boil.
-In a separate skillet slice bacon into sections and fry it up like you normally would-Try not and eat the bacon!!
-Cut the brussel sprouts length wise in half and drop into the boiling water-don’t over cook them-you don’t want them mushy

The key here is to try and time it so that the sprouts are done before the bacon is fully cooked

-Strain the brussels sprouts and then drop them into the skillet w/the bacon

Cook on medium heat-until the brussel sprouts are browned-salt and pepper to taste-and just before they are done lightly douse them with balsamic vinegar!

It’s a mouth watering delight!!

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