Photo Shoots: Perfectly Imperfect or Smoke and Mirrors?

smoke and mirrors   Smoke and Mirrors

I’m pretty certain this day in age with all the technology out there most adults are well aware of Photoshop and altered images in pictures.  People can debate whether this should be allowed or not but let’s face reality everyone likes looking at perfect bodies and unflawed skin.  Advertising is built on attaining that “perfection.”  I don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing unless you start comparing yourself to these images.  On the flip side, when images are unaltered here come the internet judges to magnify your every flaw.   Damned if you do damned if you don’t…bring on the smoke and mirrors?

  Perfectly Imperfect

I realize that when you put yourself out there via pictures or YouTube videos you open yourself up for criticism be it positive or negative. I think you have to have thick enough skin to let stuff roll off your back, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to some comments being hurtful, even if it’s only for a moment.

This image has been shared a lot and allicted the comments above

This image has been shared a lot and below are some of the more colorful comments

Some of the more colorful comments are:
-Eww you’re too muscular
-Is that a man?
-Gross she has stretch marks
-Her push-up form sucks
-Arm veins are masculine
-Her elbows are fucked up  

We’re all human, we’re all flawed and we all have feelings….and obviously we all have opinions! For the record I have done photo shoots where I have been both airbrushed and not. I think either way it can be a double edged sword.  On one hand, you look perfect in every way, but that is not reality and when people see you outside of that picture I’m pretty sure they are taken aback by how vastly different you look from the photo.  Alternatively, when your imperfections are on display for the world to see people have no filter and will make you well aware of everything that is wrong….as if we all don’t already know what is flawed  on our own bodies.

not retouched-yes I have stretch marks on my booty! Not perfect

not retouched-yes I have stretch marks on my booty! Not perfect


Retouched to smooth out skin-notice stretch marks on ass gone!

Retouched to smooth out skin-notice stretch marks on ass not as noticeable!

Photoshoot Realties:

  • A hair and make-up artist is usually standard for most photographers-and when I say make-up I mean spackle
the "natural" look that only took 2 hours to attain

the “natural” look that only took 2 hours to attain

  • It Takes 600 pictures to get 15 usable images (okay I’m guessing on this but yes, most times you are holding a pose FOREVER while they snap away and maybe get one good one out of the 20 snaps you heard them take.
  • Posing is such that you look good-duh! This means if you’re short you do things to elongate the body, if you want to appear less muscular you don’t flex as hard. If you have a thick waist you angle your body in a certain way to give you the appearance of a streamlined physique.  Arching your back makes your ass look bigger and who doesn’t want that!?
  • Lighting and camera angles are also used to make a better image. Photographers are artists-they see things differently than most- they paint pictures with a lens.
  •  Most models know in advance they are doing a shoot-this means they prepare for it via a tighter diet, water loading, and spray tanning etc.
  • Push-up bras make it all better-sports bras smash your boobs-so, yes, to get that amazing HELLO boobies look you have a push-up underneath (Not saying all do this-but a lot do-I know I do for shoots).
  • Contrary to popular belief-It is not easy to hold a pose and look natural.  There are plenty of face quivers and ugliness happening before you get that perfect image.
  • Some photographers will retouch while others are staunchly against it-If you are against retouching of your images make sure you don’t take a shoot with one that does and vice versa.
  • If you do not sign an agreement to have ownership of your pictures those images are not yours-so talk with the photographer beforehand and make sure you know what is going on and where those images will be used.

I’m not a professional fitness model but I’ve been lucky enough to shoot with some great people. Photo shoots are fun and I’m sure the photographers have a ton of stories of wardrobe malfunctions, posing mishaps and  a ton of awful images that would make us cringe and say WTF is that even me?! I’m sure Tchalla Hawk has plenty of me looking like hell especially when we shot at the beach-can someone say scared as hell of the water!!

Ultimately, you must realize NO ONE is perfect and the image you are looking at may be altered.  Keep that in mind as you flip through magazines and get down on yourself and your imperfections.  I think a lil skin flaw here and there adds character and we could all use a little more of that!

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  1. Marisa Eye truly love all your photos in particular the “push up” photo eye love a well devolved body like yours I know you have put a lot of hard work to attain your goals kudos to you gurl

  2. Sammy says:

    People are idiots. Commenters on YouTube are the cream of the idiot crop.

  3. sparks says:

    Anybody that has a problem with the way you look needs to have their head examined !

  4. Claus L. Nielsen says:

    Okay first of all…You are AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL !!! (If i wasn’t married..oh and living in Denmark hahaha 🙂
    If those IDIOTS can’t see that, they need their eyes examined !!!

    And about the stretch marks…there are different types of people in that regard..those who never use their bodies and simply wither away with saggy asses and loose skin…those who have stretch marks from loosing at lot of weight be it from obesity or pregnancy or…those of us who have these marks from lifting heavy and gaining muscle 😉 I was once engaged to a girl who was 3 times Danish Bodybuilding Champion 57+kilo…and she had arms and legs and arm-veins bigger than yours…she “suffered” those same remarks as you have…but when she placed second in a 100 miles international walking race(men AND women)…those voices were silenced…before starting the race, she was looked upon as a freak…all other contendes, well they were just skinny and bony…on top of that she was a Tank mechanic in the Danish Army(where I met her) She did several 100km runs…with those big legs and thick arm-veins…in about 10 hours, non stop, only one or two male soldiers could keep up…people started to loosen up on her looks…
    So what is femininity exactly? Well a matter of different opinions…but for me YOU’RE IT !!!
    So go on doing what you love doing…lifting heavy weights and calisthenics 🙂

    YOU ROCK…!!!

  5. Claus L. Nielsen says:

    Uhm…I wrote a comment here…but it seems that it wasn’t approved?!? Whatever reason…sorry if i offended You with it 🙁

  6. Claus L. Nielsen says:

    …oh there it is…just had to update the page…my bad 😉

  7. Marisa Marisa says:

    Thank you so much! I want to meet this wife of yours I’m sure she is amazing!

  8. Claus says:

    🙂 She’s COMPLETLY CRAZY(and amazing) the best of ways…SO TOUGH beyond most people I’ve ever seen…and completely Humble even though she can best almost any man on the planet unfortunately were not together anymore(still friends)…longstory…but I’ll send links to this site and your FB sites to her okay? 🙂 See if I can find some older pics of her in her BB prime…5″5 and 138 Pounds competing and 154 of season and upload them to you somehow,if any interrest… that is if she allows it. Nowerdays she’s not so much into BB and no longer in the Army(teaches mechanics at a school and Works as an engineer on a ship)…more like running (Marathons and 100km etc.) but still and always lifting heavy weights 😉 Once hooked…well you know that already 🙂
    Well…maybe Your not that interested anyway..and thats okay fine by me…
    You just somehow remind me of her…with your insane strengh and you insane rubberball calisthenics 🙂 🙂 🙂 All I´m saying is…keep it UP…your GREAT FUN to follow here on the internet 🙂
    And thats really all…,Chears 🙂


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