Unmotivated? This could be why.

I’ve been told that I seem really motivated all the time which is usually followed by ,”I can’t seem to get to that point and how do I do it?”   Truth is I actually enjoy, scratch that, LOVE lifting and when you feel that way about something you don’t Read more »

FAQ-from the normal to the bizarre

If you put yourself out there on social media you’re bound to get asked the most random questions.  Of course, not all of them are bizarre. Here’s a few of the more frequently asked questions I get (in no particular order):   How old are you? My short stature and forever Read more »

I’m a she-hulk, What are you?

When I’m in the gym I want more muscle, but when I leave here I’m not so sure. As a woman who lifts and carries more muscle than the average person might like, I can somewhat relate to this statement.  In the gym you’re in your environment where people know Read more »

2014 IPF Raw Worlds wrap up

  It was such an honor to get invited to this meet to compete with the best from around the world.  Meets are boring enough to watch in person let alone read about them; so here’s a quick rundown: THE FLIGHT I was actually excited for this trip because I Read more »

What is Femininity?

When I was little I was forced to wear skirts to church, I HATED skirts.  I would always ask why my brother got to wear jeans and the answer was always the same, “you’re a girl and girls wear dresses.” Pretty sure that is no way to get a kid Read more »

Arnold Raw Pro Classic Meet wrap-up!

I realize I have been a blogging slacker lately and I intend on getting better…..promise! It’s crazy how fast time flies by, I was flying to Ohio this time last week to compete in the Arnold Raw Pro Classic. There’s nothing like leaving warmth for arctic Ohio conditions. I didn’t Read more »

Yea I’m a Tough Mudder F#ck*r!

  I tend to be one of those people who’s mantra is “stick to what you know” doesn’t mean that I avoid risks, but I like to happily take those risks doing something I’m comfortable doing-sounds like an oxymoron- I know.   Simply put, I don’t want to do anything that Read more »


NO ROIDS JUST RAGE The reason I came up with this tank saying is due largely in part to being asked DAILY what I’m on.  There are those who say I should take it as a compliment BUT at the same time it makes me angry that people think in Read more »